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our old site: tracking with LX200

Josef Huber

Tobias Lindemann

Satellite Tracker
Satellite tracking program for Meade, Celestron and compatible mounts 
Brent Boshart
Heavens Above predictions for brighter satellites
(including ISS and Iridium-flares) 
Chris Peat
CalSky astronomical observation and information online calculator
(including ISS, Shuttle and Iridium-flares)
predicted TLEs for shuttle!
Arnold Barmettler
CelesTrak current two-line-elements for bright satellites (especially for ISS) T.S. Kelso
Space-Track latest two-line-elements (for advanced users)

U.S. Air Force Space Command

FTP-Server of David Ransom current two-line-elements (especially for shuttle) David Ransom
HSF Orbital Elements predicted TLEs of shuttle if in orbit NASA
Astrospider very good pictures and video sequences of ISS and Mir Mike Tyrrell and Philip Masding
Satellitenwelt sehr gute deutschsprachige Seite, die sich vor allem mit dem Empfangen der Funksignalen von Satelliten beschaeftigt Maik Hermenau